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End-to-end supply chain solutions

Laser Logistics, a division of the Laser Group of companies, is one of very few companies in South Africa with an international network, which enables us to provide optimal, integrated and global end-to-end supply-chain solutions.

Retail supply chain

Supply chain is normally a process that is executed by multiple parties in production, warehousing, transport and retail – therefore to maintain a clear overview of the entire supply chain, good coordination of all resources is required. Laser Logistics’ end-to-end supply chain solutions manage and support the entire supply chain flow – from production, via warehouse, through to logistics to the retail shops.

Laser Logistics works closely with its customers in assessing the total supply chain to identify opportunities. We create customised end-to-end supply chain solutions that build leaner, faster processes whilst also increasing profit. In all of our partnerships, we are never just satisfied with the status quo – we are always looking for new and better ways of doing things that will contribute to our customer’s success.

Tailor made logistics solutions

To achieve this undertaking and create an efficient end-to-end supply chain, we offer customised solutions based on the requirements from distribution to warehousing. Together, with our team, resources and expertise – we will operate as an extension of our customer’s existing infrastructure. By working together – we can monitor, enhance communications, address concerns and use best practise to develop solutions that have future success in mind.

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