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Retail Distribution

Laser Logistics specialises in distribution solutions for retailers and wholesalers in the clothing, footwear, lifestyle, electronics and appliance markets. Our knowledge and experience translates into high delivery reliability and complete visibility. We understand the requirements of retailers and wholesalers and we are always driving new solutions to improve logistics performance.

Distribution solutions for the fashion industry

Nothing is as changeable as fashion, what is still in fashion one week is out of fashion a week later. Laser Logistics is always looking for a way to reduce lead times to meet your customer’s requirements. Our strength lies in the distribution of your merchandise between your warehouses and from warehouses to stores, or individual customers.

We provide co-load and dedicated distribution solutions in South Africa and the BLNS countries, supported by our 5 national distribution centres and network.

At Laser we firmly believe that IT is a critical part of our supply- chain planning process. We therefore employ the best IT skills to ensure that our customers can extract optimal value out of their logistics partner. Our skills are offered on a consulting basis should you require expertise in this field.

Retail distribution challenges

The South African landscape has significantly changed over the last few years. Increased competition, margin pressure, retail consolidation and many other factors have played a role in adding complexity in the supply-chain. We get involved at all levels to understand your business pain-points and then we create a tailor-made solution to suit your operations. Not one customer is the same, they all have their own specific culture, operations and challenges! Contact us for a tailor-made distribution solution for your retail organization!

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